diary of a cyclist (part 1)

Most of the people who read this blog and know me, know that I cycle to work (and those that didn’t know that, well, do now.)

My journey to work is only a couple of miles (and that’s being generous) but it goes someway to making me believe I’m not as unhealthy as the media insists on telling us we all are. This is my bike (well, almost, mine is the 2004 version, but I couldn’t find a picture) and I’m very pleased with it. I know there is some kind of irony in having a mountain bike in what is, possibly, the flattest county in the UK but so what?

It’s the second Specialized mountain bike I’ve had. The first was stolen from outside my company offices a few days before Christmas 2004. A few years ago, whilst cycling home from work, I cycled over a roundabout and was run into by a car. It was dark but I did have my lights on. I slid across the vehicles bonnet (I think it was a Ford Escort van or something similar) and landed in a somewhat surprised heap on the tarmac in front of it. My first thought, strangely, was not for me, but for my bike. As my sole source of transport I guess I was wondering how I was going to get into work in the morning. (Actually, this is a slight lie, this was actually my second thought – my first being ‘What the f…?!??’).

After dusting myself off, giving the driver of the vehicle a mouthful, I walked my (amazingly, still in one piece) bike back to work so I could calm myself down before cycling home. On reflection, I think I was lucky. My bike was fine and I was fine, although I did put a hole in my trousers. Since then, I’ve made every effort I can to remain visible whilst on my bike. I wear a fluorescent jacket, I now wear a cycle helmet, and I have very bright halogen bike lights. And I’ve not had another accident. Small price to pay for looking like a glow-in-the-dark lemon. The bane of all cyclists is, of course, motorists and I may have one or two rants about them. But that will be in the future… 😉


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